World Sikh Organization holds Afghan Sikh and Hindu resettlementpanel


As a part of Sikh Heritage Month, the WSO hosted an all-star #AskCanadianSikhs panel in Surrey on Afghan Sikh and Hindu resettlement.

The initiative to #SaveAfghanSikhs began following an attack in July 2018 when the entire leadership of the Sikh and Hindu communities was killed in a suicide bombing. Since then, the community has been the target of bomb attacks, kidnappings, and repeated storming of the remaining active Gurdwaras in Kabul. The WSO and the Manmeet Singh Bhullar Foundation has worked tirelessly to create an expedited pathway for those trying to flee the terror in Afghanistan.

The WSO thanked everyone who joined in to celebrate this milestone achievement at the #AskCanadianSikhs panel!