Young BC Film-maker Explores Bollywood And The Indian Diaspora


VANCOUVER –Vancouver Dylan Sidoo, the son of well known Indo-Canadian businessman David Sidoo, explores the cultural link between Bollywood and the Indian diaspora through interviews with people of Indian ancestry who live or grew-up outside India.

Starting with his own experience growing-up as an Anglophone, he launches his exploration of this link by examining his own relationship to his own Punjabi speaking grandmother. He follows this thread through video interviews with other prominent and notable people of Indian descent including the London born Singh twins, Amrit and Rabindra (contemporary artists), Fauja Singh, British centurion marathon runner of Punjabi Sikh descent and Wally Oppal, Q.C., BC born former Attorney General of British Columbia

While exploring the Indian cultural mosaic, Dylan is still focused on his education and personal development.  Among his various academic accomplishments and pursuits include being a former St. George’s School Rigg Scholar, he graduated from high-school with honours.

Dylan continues to pursue both his academic path as well as explore the cultural experiences of the Indian expatriate diaspora around the world, including among Indo-Canadians.