US Failed To Act To Avert Mumbai Attacks?

WASHINGTON – The 26/11 Mumbai attacks could have been averted if the then Bush administration had taken seriously the warning and threat perception of Lashkar-e-Taiba’s global operations by renowned French judge, a media report said.

Jean-Louis Bruguiere met officials of the Bush administration in 2007 to inform them about the LeT’s threat and Pakistan’s double game, but US officials were not convinced by his argument , reported PBS’s Frontline and ProPublica in a report released on Monday.

Bruguiere argument was based on his investigation of French LeT terrorist Willie Brigitte, who after being caught had confessed to involvement in a foiled bomb plot in Australia.

During his investigation, the judge found that Brigitte’s handler LeT handler was Sajid Mir, one of the key architect of the Mumbai terrorist attack. “When Bruguiere questioned Brigitte, the links between Lashkar-e-Taiba , Sajid Mir and Pakistan’s intelligence service ISI began to unravel,” the report said.

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