I Don’t Read The Films Section In Newspapers: Ranveer Singh

Two successful films. Oneunder production. And one in hiskitty. And Ranveer Singh isalready a star. At least looking athis eighth storey massive apartment,one would surely feel so.
And that is exactly whereRanveer, who is still recoveringfrom his back inury, chose tomeet us.The sprawling living roomshowcases all the awards he haswon so far, including the muchcoveted black filmfare lady. Weare busy taking in the brightdecor, when Ranveer walks infrom the other side in denims, agrey tee and a skull cap.
He sitsdown on a wooden chair. “Can’tsit on the sofa,” he claims.Settling down, he picks up therecorder and says, “Let’s begin.”And so we do. With ofcourse, a question that had beenon our minds for a very long time- how did the injury happen? “Itwas the third day of shoot inDalhousie when it happened. Itwas basically a niggling pain that Ipicked up at the gym. Even earlier,I had experienced discomfortwhile shooting.
I had to do thisintense action sequence.The paingot worse,” reveals the actor.Ranveer explains that therewas no ‘fall’ as the media believes,but a sprain in his lower back. “Irested there for ten days beforeheading back to Mumbai.
I wasadvised to keep lying on myback,” he recalls and then dismissesthe injury by labeling it’professional hazards’.”Sportsmen, dancers, actors -somewhere down the line, thewear and tear starts showing. It’spart and parcel of our profession.After I came to Mumbai, Adi Sir( Aditya Chopra) told me that mybody is my shop. In the showbusiness, this is my product. Heasked me to take care of it,” headds.It has taken him two monthsto nurse the pain.
“I am 90 percentrecovered. The only thing Ican’t do yet is bend. I can’t gym.So, I am finding other ways tostay fit. I do two hours of physiotherapy,another couple of hoursof cardio, stretches, walking etc -six hours of regular workout.Also, I am on a diet,” he explainsand quickly offers us a variety ofstarters laid out on the table. “Eatit. It’s nice. I can’t have it. But Iknow,” he says.
Ranveer also explains howhis injury, thankfully has notaffected the film Lootera much.”We already shot what we had toshoot. And we had two monthsbreak in schedule.We start shootingLootera next month,” headds.Ranveer tells us how hebelieves in doing one film at atime. And if that makes him arrogant,so be it. But apart from hiswork, his romantic liaisons havekept the media busy.
“Initially, Iused to get very upset over suchstories. I wanted to call up thejournalist and ask them, ‘arre kyalikh rahe ho’. But then I realisedthat as long as you are in the limelight,you will be written about. Idon’t read the films section innewspapers anymore,” says theactor.And then it is time for him togo swimming. So the actor excuseshimself and gets busy for hisrecovery strategy, once again.

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