John Abraham To Marry This Year

John Abraham is wearing thecloak of calm that only a manwho is truly content can pull off.Perhaps it has to do with thefact that he’s finally decided toget married.He smiles and says, “Priyaand I have decided to get marriedthis year.
“He met her last April, andknew he wanted a happily-everaftertwo months later. And helaughs off rumours that theywere married in Los Angeles afew months ago.However, he is troubled bythe rumours that he began seeingher while he was still withBipasha.”I met Priya through a commonfriend, there was an instantconnection.
I can talk to her about anything.Ours is a very honest relationship.We can tell each othereverything. That’s a benchmarkfor a healthy relationship.”They’re from differentworlds, but they believe in thesame things.Like the decision to have asmall wedding. Says John, “Iknow it will be this year, but Idon’t know when.It could be in a few monthsor a few weeks. I am a veryimpulsive guy.So I might decide to get marriednext week!
It’s possible thatour wedding may have just 10people, if we include close family.”It will be a registered wedding.There will not be a religiousceremony because he is “an atheistbordering on being agnostic.”Why is Priya “the one”?”Because I can be myself withher. There are no pretenses. Wedon’t even fight, though we arguesometimes.”
But it could soon bea long-distance relationship, asPriya is in London checking outcourses she wants to pursue,which could keep her away fortwo years.Both sets of parents havegiven their blessings to the coupletoo.John has met her familytwice, once in LA, where her parentsare, and another time inHimachal, where he accompaniedPriya after the demise of her101-year-old grandfather.

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