Corruption Destroying Indian Education Sector Growth

NEW DELHI – India has got all the chances to become an education superpower but the increasing business in this sector stands as a real threat for the country to achieve this goal. The growth of education in India has been remarkable. There is a visible growth in the number of people who seek higher education now. Many institutions have come up with quality education in India. But beside these promising factors some dirty business and politics played in the education sector, spoils the education system.

Most of Indian parents have the desire to provide good education to their children. All of them prefer to send their children to the best schools that they can afford. Parents also make sure that their children are getting better education than theirs. Parents with good income are willing to spend crores for their children by sending them to foreign universities.

This strong aspiration in Indian parents is very promising. It will be a prime factor in making India an education superpower in the future. This desire in parents has increased the demand for quality education in India. Today there are a good number of schools and education institutions that fulfill the education need of the people from all economic classes.

There has been a shift from agricultural economy to industrial and knowledge economy. This tendency has been increasing over the years. Today the numbers of people who are working in the agricultural sector have decreased very much. Even the people who own more than 15 acres of land show least interest in encouraging their children to do farming. They all prefer to send their children to towns for education.

Many families have now shifted from villages to towns. All families are looking at reaching higher positions in the class hierarchy and education of their children has given them hope for the same. It has also put forward the demand for quality education. This massive demand for high quality education increases the hope of India’s education superpower goals but at the same time it provides chances for many to play dirty politics in the education sector.

On the other hand, with the increase in the number of institutions, competition has also emerged in the education sector. Institutions compete in the market to provide the most number of facilities to the students who seek education.

In between this tough competition some of the institutions have turned the focus on mere business rather than focusing on the education itself. Today market uses different strategies to attract students to the institutions and some of these have made major shift in the concept of education itself. In the business of education many parents who aspired for good education are getting cheated every day through false promises.

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