Indian Overseas Congress Approaches Akal Takht To Get Khalistan Insignias Removed From Gurdwaras In Canada And US

CHANDIGARH – Indian Overseas Congress (IOC), an NRI body, wants Khalistan seals and flags to be removed from gurdwaras situated in the US and Canada.

IOC has appealed to the Akal Takht, the highest temporal seat of the Sikhs, to direct such gurdwaras to remove all pro-Khalistan insignias from their premises.

IOC president Vikram Bajwa on Monday said that a number of gurdwaras in the US and Canada have kept Khalistan seals and flags right above the sacred Guru Granth Sahib. “Even the Dashmesh Darbar gurdwara in Surrey (British Columbia in Canada) also has a pro-Khalistan seal,” Bajwa said.

“The second-generation NRIs are being misguided by these gurdwaras. It is wrongly influencing young minds, who instantly think that Khalistan is some separate territory. We have now adopted a non-political way out by approaching the Akal Takth jathedar. We have appealed him to issue an immediate ‘hukumnama’ to remove these insignias because this activity is anti-Punjab, anti-Sikh and no Sikh body promotes this culture,” he added.

Bajwa said their efforts to remove the Khalistan seals and flags through political means proved futile, so now they were adopting the religious channel. “Till now we have been talking to executive committees of various gurdwaras and apprised them about this but they have clearly refused to remove these seals. We also approached Canadian ministers but they expressed helplessness claiming they were not well aware of the issue. Our Indian-origin politicians are also not taking any remedial steps,” Bajwa claimed.

The IOC president also alleged that Pakistan was funding the Khalistan movement and many politicians with Indian origin in Canada were frequently visiting Pakistan. “India-origin politicians are falling into the Pakistani trap. Pakistan is now targeting NRIs and is financing all Khalistan movements in the US and Canada,” he said.

Indian Overseas Congress is very concerned about what is happening in the Gurudwaras in Canada & USA. But Bajwa or his other IOC leaders have ever felt sorry for thousands of innocent Sikhs killed by ruling Congress party leadership in 1984 Sikh Genocide ? Has the IOC ever demanded justice for the innocent victim families or punishment to the guilty Congress party leaders ? IOC wants SGPC to issue Hukamnama about Gurudwaras in western countries, but can IOC ever dare to ask Congress leadership and Indian Govt. to remove all the memorials and buildings etc. named after Indira or Rajeev Gandhi the murdrers of thousands of innocent Sikhs & Tamils ? IOC & Congress should stop honouring Indira & Rajeev Gandhi and start punishing the guilty congress leaders and the problems they are talking about will automatically be resolved in western Gurudwaras.

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