Jackky And I Are Pranksters: Nidhi Subbaiah

Every time a new pair getstogether for a film, there’scuriosity surrounding them.Naturally, Jackky Bhagnani’spairing with Nidhi Subbaiahfor his forthcoming movieAjab Gazabb Love has generateda lot of buzz after the songBoom Boom went online.
“I think people will like ustogether and talk about ourchemistry,” says Jackky, adding,”Nidhi is one of my best costars.She’s very bubbly andchirpy and we’d often playpranks on people on the sets.We became good friends, sothe comfort zone was easy totranslate on screen. There wasa very young and cool vibe onthe sets.
And I must say, directorSanjay Gadhvi was majorlyresponsible for that.”Nidhi, who initiallythought her hero was arrogant,recalls, “I’m a prankster andsoon realised that Jackky wasone too.So we’d catch anyone andeveryone unawares with ourpractical jokes.” “Coming fromCoorg and doing Kannadafilms, my Hindi wasn’t goodand I’d get confused betweenthe genders in ‘ka’ and ‘ki’. ButJackky was the first to help meout with the language,” saysNidhi.
But Jackky would oftentease her too. She adds, “I don’tthink his day would be completewithout pulling my legover my goof-ups in Hindi.Nonetheless, he’s a very hardworking guy, and very focusedtoo. Sometimes I’d feel sad tosee him work hard all day whileadhering to his strict dietsimultaneously.
“Nidhi also attributes herbond with her co-star to theworkshops they attended for acouple of weeks under theguidance of the director.Ajab Gazabb Love, producedby Puja Films, releasesOctober 24.

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