Racial Slurs Hurled At Indo-American Mayoral Candidate

NEW YORK – In an apparent act of racism, election sign boards of an Indo-American mayoral candidate and his running mates in New Jersey have been defaced with a swastika and words “Never In Edison”.

Sudhanshu Prasad, running for office as Edison Mayor, was alerted to the acts of vandalism following which a report was filed with the police, who said other such acts took place throughout Edison in town parks and public areas.

The sign boards included the pictures of Prasad’s running mates – Sheila Angalet, Mohin Patel, Steven Nagel and Cynthia Doherty – were defaced with a swastika, a bindi, and the words “Never In Edison” hand-written across one sign and “dotheads” on another sign two days ago.

“We strongly denounce these deplorable acts. This is a cowardly act of bigotry which have no place in the Township of Edison, nor are they representative of the beliefs and hearts of the good citizens of Edison,” Prasad, a medical practitioner, said.

“If the perpetrators of these hate crimes harbour any illusions that they will stop our team or divide the mosaic of communities that make Edison one of the most wonderfully diverse places in New Jersey, we collectively say this to you – you will not succeed,” he said.

Prasad said Edison is much stronger than the intolerance you foster, and Edison will never fracture into the divisions you intend. Through the strength of our community, and the conviction that our shared goals for Edison are far greater than our differences, we will overcome your ignorance.

“We call on all people – residents, community leaders, and elected officials – in Edison, Middlesex County, and the great State of New Jersey to join with us in denouncing these heinous acts in the common cause of justice and in the spirit of the brotherhood of humanity.

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