Port Mann Bridge Tolls To Double On January 1

Poll Finds More Drivers PlanTo Avoid New Bridge!

SURREY – It’s been one year since tollskicked in on the new Port Mann Bridge,but it looks like fewer drivers are willingto use it when tolls go up next month.That’s according to a new poll, whichfinds only about a third of drivers likethe toll hike; that’s a 14-point drop froma similar poll done right after the bridgeopened last year.Mario Canseco with Insights West tellsus fewer people say they’ll take thebridge at all.“Last year, you had 10 per cent of LowerMainland and Fraser Valley residentswho said they did not use that bridge;this year it’s 22 per cent. The fact thatyou have to pay for it is making peoplesay, ‘if I have to drive somewhere, I’mgoing to take other routes,” he explains.There’s an even greater split when itcomes to which side of the Fraser Riveryou live on. Those on the south side feelthey have no other option because itsaves them time on their commute.Almost three quarters of people wholive south of the Fraser and use thebridge once a week or more are opposedto the toll; 57 per cent rely on the bridgeone to three times a month.

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