Police Arrest Indo-Canadian Man Sought In Alleged Abbotsford Sex Assault

The suspect earlier described as a Indo-Canadian-SouthAsian man in his 20′s, standing approximately 6’0″ tallwith a slim build was arrested Friday. He is actually 18-years-old. Police earlier asked for help in arresting the manby saying he has dark hair and sideburns. He was wearinga red jacket with white stripes, black track pants, a lightgreen shirt and white running shoes. The suspect wascaught on camera, and police released stills of the footage.Officers now say an 18-year-old man has been arrested, citingtips from the public.

Police put out these images of the suspect, who was caught on surveillance video and is accused of groping a woman.

ABBOTSFORD – Police inAbbotsford have arrested theIndo-Canadian man whom thethey said was a suspect in a sexassault in the Fraser Valley town.The suspect earlier described asa Indo-Canadian-South Asianman in his 20′s, standingapproximately 6’0″ tall with aslim build was arrested Friday.He is actually 18-years-old.Police earlier asked for help inarresting the man by saying hehas dark hair and sideburns. Hewas wearing a red jacket withwhite stripes, black track pants, alight green shirt andwhite running shoes.The suspect was caughton camera, and policereleased stills of the footage. Officers now say an 18-year-old man hasbeen arrested, citing tips from the public.Officers earlier said a man walked into avet clinic in the 32100 block of SouthFraser Way Monday night around 8 pmand started talking to the lone woman, a26-year-old, on duty.He then suddenly moved behind thecounter and grabbed and groped her.Police put out these (see photos) imagesof the suspect, who was caught on surveillancevideo and is accused of gropinga woman.She was able to break free and yelled at thesuspect who quickly fled from the store.The worker then called police.

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