Media In India Is So Bias That It Calls Gurbaksh Singh’s Peaceful, Even Gandhian-Like, Protest Radical And Negative!

By Kanwaljit Singh Gill

I’ll request all our Politicalleaders, Human Rightsactivists and especially Mediato raise voice against theseDouble standards of Justicesystem in India. And demandIndian Govt. and Justice systemto provide fair and equaljustice to minorities and releasethe persons who have completedtheir given jail sentences.

Racist Mainstream Media? Mainstream Media bias right here in Canada against the Sikh community is also sadly live and well as seen by the absolutely zero coverage of the Sikhs on protest and hunger strike at the Vancouver Art Gallery for a number of days this week. While they can't get enough of stupid stories of absolutely nonsensical events that don't even deserve coverage but they did absolutely no coverage of the protest and hunger strike to back Sikh activist in Punjab Gurbaksh Singh, who has now ended his fast after the government declared that it would release all prisoners who have served their sentences. It's an absolute DISGRACE on the part of the mainstream media! But that is why more and more people are NOT watching on TV or reading their useless newspapers. Facebook, baby!

These days we have been readinga lot about Bhai GurbakshSingh’s hunger strike in India toget Sikhs released who havecompleted their jail sentencesbut are still suffering in jails.Bhai Gurbaksh Singh started hishunger strike 42 days ago.Indian Govt, Media etc. ignoredBhai Gurbaksh Singh’s hungerstrike and movement. But slowlythe movement got stronger,more and more people startedjoining and supporting it.The Indian media mostlyignored the movement andwhenever they wrote the newsstory, they tried to project themovement in a very negativeway. Describing it as a very radicalmovement to get the terroristsreleased. But the mediaalways ignored that the movementwas very Gandhian andpeaceful all the time. And it hasvery legal and Human Rightsissue to get the persons releasedwho have completed their jailsentences. And also about hundredsof innocent Sikhs sufferingin jails who haven’t beencharged or produced in courts.The media is generally supposedto write against such Govt.atrocities and Human Rightsviolations. And ask Govt. andJustice system to provide fairand equal justice to all its citizens.Recently I tried to study andcompare the Double Standardsthat are being followed in Indiaby Govts, Justice system, CBI,Police, Media etc. Over the yearswe have seen that wheneverminorities Sikhs or Muslims areaccused of any wrong doing andkillings etc. the Govt. and Mediaetc. quick to label them asRadicals, Terrorists etc. andpolice, CBI etc. are quick to actand arrest many accused suspectsand even their familymembers. The accused suspectsare made to suffer in jails tillthey are found not guilty by thecourts. And the ones foundguilty are given long term jailsentences or Death sentences.But whenever thousands ofinnocent persons belonging tominorities Sikhs, Muslims,Christians etc. are killed by theHindu majority, then the Govts,Justice system, CBI, Police etc.all act Dumb and close theireyes, ears etc. and fail to arrestthe suspects or accused guiltypersons. Those guilty personswill be arrested only if foundguilty by the courts. And thatcan very easily take years andthose guilty persons can walkaround freely all those years.Thousands of innocent Sikhswere killed in 1984 SikhGenocide but the Justice systemhas failed to punish the guiltypersons Tytler, Sajjan Kumaretc. for 29 years.One most recent example ofDouble standards is related withthis present movement demandingrelease of Sikhs. The Govt,Justice system, Media etc. arequick to oppose their release bylabeling them as Radicals andTerrorists etc. and declaringtheir release as threat to nation.But just couple of days ago theGujrat HC granted bails to 21guilty Hindus who had killeddozens of innocent Muslims in2002. These 21 guilty personswere sentenced by courts earlierbut were appealing against theirsentences. So the H/C grantedthem bails till their appeals areheard and decided by Courts.And knowing the justice systemthat can be very easily draggedon for 10-15 years. The HCJudges said that These guiltyHindus who killed dozens ofinnocent Muslims had no previouscriminal records and thereforeshould be granted bails andreleased. If the same argumentis applied to hundreds of theseSikhs suffering in jails, none ofthem have previous criminalrecords and most of them arenot guilty of killing innocentpersons. Most of these personswere labelled as Radicals andTerrorists because they raisedvoice or acted against the atrocitiesand innocent killings by theruling Govts. of those years.Otherwise all of them weregood law abiding citizens.I’ll request all our Political leaders,Human Rights activists andespecially Media to raise voiceagainst these Double standardsof Justice system in India. Anddemand Indian Govt. andJustice system to provide fairand equal justice to minoritiesand release the persons whohave completed their given jailsentences.

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