Indo-American Convenience Store Owner, Employees Charged With Selling “Spice Drug”

WASHINGTON – Two Indo-Americanemployees and the owner of a conveniencestore have been charged by USauthorities for secretly selling a psychoactivedrug commonly known by thestreet name “spice”.Manisha Yogeshkumar Patel, the ownerof the Capital Food Mart at 2929 CapitalBoulevard in Raleigh city in NorthCarolina, was also charged with possessingpirated music CDs and illegal liquor,the News & Observer reported.Her employees Karanjit Singh Sahotaand Ami Natvarlal Patel were eachcharged with selling and possessing syntheticcannabinoids.The charges were framed after twoundercover state alcohol law enforcementagents purchased the substance.Synthetic cannabinoids are manufacturedrather than grown. They mimic theeffects of marijuana or other naturaldrugs.US agents said they received complaintsabout synthetic drugs being sold at thestore, and asked a magistrate for a searchwarrant.Undercover agents bought 10 grams of asynthetic drug with the brand name”GodFather” Oct 14 and another 10grams of “Blaster” within two days ofthe warrant being granted.In addition to synthetic drugs, cash andCDs, they said they seized several openbottles of liquor.All three people were freed on bond aftertheir arrests.Agents said they would forward a reportto the state Alcoholic BeverageCommission.

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