Sikhs Win Another Small Concession From US State Govt

A Sikh American has wona legal victory in the USstate of Minnesota, allowingSikhs to wear their turbansin driving licenceidentification photographs.

WASHINGON – A SikhAmerican has won a legal victoryin the US state ofMinnesota, allowing Sikhs towear their turbans in drivinglicence identification photographs.The major legal victoryfor Sikh Americans cameyesterday when JatinderSingh of Blaine, Minnesotaand SALDEF (SikhAmerican Legal Defense and EducationFund) succeeded in challengingMinnesota Department of Public Safety,Driver and Vehicle Services’ (DVS) driver’slicence policy. Last month, Singhwas told his turban was not allowed in hisdriver’s licence photo, effectively barringhim from renewing hislicence. Taking up the case,SALDEF argued againstDVS’s explicit policy on religiousaccommodation.”As a result ofyour letter and the agent’s actions, thedepartment is working to remind driver’slicence examination staff of the processfor renewals specifically related toaccommodating the Sikh turban,” saidDVS Director Patricia McCormick. —

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