Abbotsford Sikh Leaders Lend Support To Mathew’s House For Children With Complex Medical Problems

ABBOTSFORD – Abbotsford’s Sikhleaders are lending their support toMatthew’s House which caters to parentsstruggling to care for a child with complexhealth care needs.Earlier this month, leaders fromAbbotsford’s three Sikh temples touredMatthew’s House to get to know how ithelps the local community. The facilityopened in November 2013 and providesrespite to families that have children livingwith complex health care issues,reported Abbotsford News.“Matthew’s House can bring peace ofmind to parents struggling to care for achild with complex health care needs,”said Alan Cavin, resource developmentcoordinator with CommunitasSupportive Care Society, the operator ofMatthew’s House. “We wanted to be ableto tell these community leaders aboutMatthew’s House so that they could letfamilies in their congregations knowabout this resource.”The Sikh temple leaders watched a videothat told the story of one family whosechild lives with significant health careissues. One temple leader said that he wasaware of at least two families in his congregationwith children who lived withdisabilities and could use Matthew’sHouse.“It was amazing to have leadersfrom each temple come together to supportMatthew’s House,” said tour organizerSurjit Atwal, constituency assistantto MLA Darryl Plecas.

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