Six Natural Tips For Flawless Skin

Oily skin, inflammation and combination patches — monsoon brings with it a host of skin woes. Apart from the herbal weapons like face packs that come handy to get rid of various skin troubles, re-think your diet to fight them naturally. From ­making breakfast your ­priority and including various acne-fighting foods, to ­combating tan the natural way, here are ways you can reclaim healthy skin.

Your fight begins in the morning. Wellness experts have often emphasised on the importance of breakfast, and your first meal of the day can be your skin’s saviour. “Eat plenty of antioxidants and vitamin-rich foods for proper nourishment inside out,” suggest dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia. Fruits high in water content like watermelon, bananas, strawberries and raspberries make for a breakfast that rids your face of breakouts.

Vegetables are good too, so replace butter with a garlic toast filled with steamed broccoli and salsa, and cash in some additional benefits too. “Blue and ­purple fruits and vegetables have antioxidant properties that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Most orange and yellow fruits and vegetables improve overall health, especially your skin, teeth and bones,” says nutritionist Tripti Tandon.

De tanning

Here’s proof that veggies go much beyond adding nutritional value to only your body.

Besides going for sun-blocks and anti-tanning creams, you can take a natural route to get rid of the tan. Tomatoes can work wonders when it comes to healing sun-ridden skin. “Tomatoes contain lycopene that helps fight tanning. Apart from including it in our meals, one can directly apply tomatoes on the skin too. A paste of yoghurt, tomatoes, honey and lemon (which has bleaching properties)can help you control sun damage,” says nutritionist Tripti Tandon.

Cure inflammation

To fight off redness and skin inflammation, you need mixes that can calm and cool your skin. A combination of ground cinnamon and honey can be a cure for infected skin, can help reduce redness and even help in combating the potency of an acne problem.

When fighting inflammation, take notice of all food allergies that you have as they might aggravate your trouble. Milk, when combined with cinnamon, is also advised for reducing redness. There are also certain alternative routes that many go for.

Oil control

If you are troubled with an oily skin, create natural mixes to balance out oil levels. Our bet is on the easiest, most common fix, suited for almost all skin types, including sensitive ones. In a small bowl, mix a generous helping of besan, lemon juice, rosewater and a few spoons of milk to make a paste. Apply it on the face and, once it dries up, remove with a wet towel. You can also make your own moisturiser with raw milk infused with strands of saffron. This mix has ­healing properties apart from the ability to remove excess oil, ­de-clog pores and even remove tan. Turmeric is another such ingredient which is a one-stop fix for all ­skin-related problems.

Concocting magic

Dietary adjustments don’t have to act as a punishment for better looking and healthier skin. So, if you know that antioxidant-rich green tea will work wonders for your skin, but you’re not sure about the taste, go for options that are both skin-friendly and can please your taste buds.

From green concoction like a kale shake flavoured with exotic condiments to a home-brewed ­dessert — fight off skin woes with some delicious options. A cooling parfait made of a mix of ­unflavoured yoghurt, berries and healthy nuts is a much smarter option than a box of hot pie sitting pretty on your kitchen shelf. Coming back to drinks that won’t cause a breakout, fruit-based milkshakes and flavoured soy milk are safe options as compared to tetrapack mixes, sodas and soft drinks.

No sweet ending

Many of us live for that swirl atop the cupcake. But, if you want to fight whiteheads, excess oil and acne-ridden skin, you have to curb your sweet urge and keep a tab on your carbohydrate intake. “White breads, pasta, rice, potatoes and desserts can ­contribute to increasing insulin in your body, which can ­ultimately cause or worsen acne. Stick to whole grains, ­proteins, vegetables and fruits, and your skin will show the difference,” says Dr Lohia. Choose fruits that are natural sweetners over packaged pieces of chocolates to keep skin problems at bay.

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