The Boy and the World

My, oh my has Brazil recently come of age. Not on the heels oF the successful World Cup (of soccer) and before the Summer Olympics takes hold Latin American filmmakers have not been sitting idly by. Three cheers go out to Ale Abreu who pulls off a monumental animated treat with The Boy and the World.  Known In His homeland as O Menino e o Mundo  this simple story has lots of back end sure to keep viewers in tune and on line for some 80 gripping minutes.

Forget about your typical animation here. Out goes the sugary coating and In comes some bold visuals as striking colours lighten the screen. What follows is a real odyssey as a stick boy figure goes on a cross country journey to apparently find his dad. Along the way the screen comes alive with gripping everyday images as this lad ultimately sees firsthand the effect of modern industrialization on the countryside.

Smart and engaging The Boy and The World shows just how creative some people can be.

Show times;

Thursday Sept, 25. 1:30 Pm SFU

Sunday Sept. 28.  10:30 am.  International Village cinemas

Thursday Oct. 2.     7:00 pm.   International Village cinemas

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