Washington Kicks Some Russian Butt In This Well Acted Action Thriller

Never look back on your past. Lessons learned come in handy for a former military pro in The Equalizer. Inspired (?) from the hit mid 1980s television series this hip update is slick. What else would you expect from master director  Antoine Fuqua who unleashes the tough love in this terrific blend of action and nape art. Take In The superb action of this Columbia pictures release at Cineplex Odeon arenas left standing in B.C.

Boston is home base for lonely Robert McCall. Solid as a rock is Denzel Washington who leads  a quiet sedate life. When not working at Home Mart, a renovation superstore that looks strangely like Home Depot our likeable man keeps to himself. Guilty pleasures in this man’s daily regimen include reading and having coffee at a local diner.

When a friendship between Robert  and Teri, a young girl, goes south the whole direction of this film deviates. Cast as the unfortunate girl who falls prey to an evil crime syndicate is Chloe Grace Moretz .   No longer able to hide from his past or let the hurt levied against this girl go unchallenged Robert unleashes his wrath on the perpetrators. Heaven help anyone who gets in His way.

Intense with unbelievable drama The Equalizer sizzles. Consider Robert to be a Walking time bomb whose crude methods achieve their aim. Full of truly brutal thugs  born and raised  in Eastern Europe and Russia one “organizer” named Teddy particularly stands out. Get ready to hiss when Martin Czokas does his thing which adds further drive to Robert’s just (?) cause.

Dynamic and exciting this thrilling crime drama shrouded in evil will delight ation fans as well as Denzel’s legion of admirers. See it while you can!

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