Russia Is Liberating Christianity From Western Capitalists

By Dr. Sawraj Singh

Perhaps the greatest damage that the western capitalists have done to mankind is to hijack, abuse, and misrepresent the great religion of Christianity. Christianity laid the foundation of western civilization. Christianity helped to liberate oppressed people such as the Roman slaves. Christianity promoted the most evolved and refined human values such as humility, moderation, austerity, dedication, love and forgiveness.

However, the western capitalists, after hijacking this great religion, did everything against the principles and spirit of Christianity. They enslaved other nations, looted, exploited, oppressed, and terrorized other groups of people under the name of Christianity. They promoted exactly the opposite values to Christianity such as selfishness, greed, extravagance, arrogance, and vengeance.

Western capitalists came to power in Europe by pretending to be champions of democracy and human rights. However, after coming to power, they subjected the working people in Europe to the most brutal exploitation. Western capitalists forced them to work in their factories without providing even the most basic requirements for survival, such as a place to live and a place to urinate or defecate. Western capitalists converted most of the big cities in Europe to heaps of filth, depravation, and disease. It was the glorious struggles of the working people that forced western capitalists to guarantee basic facilities to the people, clean the cities, and make them livable.

The western capitalists, under the garb of spreading Christianity, sent their colonial armies to enslave and loot other nations. Again, the great national liberation struggles in the third world countries finally defeated the western colonialists and imperialists.

The physically defeated western capitalists came back with the deceptive globalization, which in reality is the highest stage of imperialism. Instead of physical slavery, globalization perpetrates mental slavery. The western capitalists have imposed their dehumanized and corrupt consumer culture, which is completely devoid of any human values. However, they have again done it under the garb of Christianity and neo-liberalism. Champions of western capitalism such as Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher presented the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire, which was alleged (by them) to be anti-Christian. Lech Walesa, the so-called Polish Christian leader, spearheaded the campaign against the Soviet Union as a kind of new crusade.

The collapse of the Soviet Union proved to be the biggest tragedy of the modern age. There remained no force to counter the western capitalists’ movement to exploit and loot the whole globe under the pretense of Globalization. The Soviet Union provided at least some kind of resistance to the naked western invasions such as in Iraq and Libya; these probably would not have happened. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the western capitalists have been able to promote the most unbridled greed as a legitimate and respectable concept: profit. The western capitalists have attacked, without impunity, the fundamental human values preached by Christianity and all other religions. They have completely negated the spiritual aspect of life and have lowered human life to the level of a consumer, who is nothing more than a mechanized robot.

Russia is now emerging as a leader of the forces which are attempting to revive Christian and human values. Russia sees itself as the savior of Christianity, and claims that it derives its strength and values from its Christian heritage. Finally, Russia is liberating Christianity from western capitalists. Leaders like Lech Walesa, who claimed to be Christian revivalists, are now completely exposed as agents of western imperialism. Even though Walesa claims to be anti-Gay and is opposed to gay marriage, yet he had no qualms about serving the imperialist countries to expand their influence and perpetrate the policies which he claims to oppose. Walesa is a very dejected man when he sees the impending destruction of Poland by a Russian attack from which no one can save them.

Russia’s stand on gay marriage in the United Nations received very big support even if it did not succeed. Countries like India, China, and the Islamic countries voted in favor (43), and many Christian countries abstained (37). This clearly shows eroding support for western capitalists. Western capitalists are deliberately attacking Christianity and other religions because all religions believe that marriage is a union between two genders. Why cannot we allow gays to live together and find amicable solutions to their legitimate demands under a term other than marriage? The western capitalists do not want to help gays; they want to attack the institution of marriage as a part of their campaign to destroy the family. They see family as the greatest impediment to their campaign of dehumanization and consumerization. Many Christians in Europe and the rest of the world see the western capitalists’ campaign as an attack on Christianity. These Christians are seeing Russia as the champion of their cause.

Many traditional Marxists fell into the trap of western capitalists when they started seeing technological progress under western capitalism as true progress. They did not realize that this has alienated and dehumanized modern man. Therefore, it does not qualify to be called progress. Under western capitalism, man did not go to a higher stage; he actually degenerated to a lower level. The philosophy of western capitalism puts the lower centers of man, which are concerned with physical survival, above the higher       centers, which are concerned with our decent and refined values. Many Marxists saw progress limited to only the physical aspect. This wrong notion put them in the same boat as western capitalists. M.N. Roy, a great Marxist theoretician, came up with his theory of Radical Humanism. However, he was unable to appreciate the human aspect in Marxist philosophy. Marx and Engels were not restricted to only economic criticism of capitalism. They were very much concerned with the inhuman aspects of capitalism, such as alienation and dehumanization. It was not them, but their so-called followers who became economists rather than Marxists. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union deviated from Marxism and practically accepted the philosophy of western capitalists when it put economics above ethics. Russia, today, is realizing that mistake and is presenting itself as the promoter of Christianity and human values. Russia is on the right track to reclaim its lost glory.

Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice. He can be reached at sawrajsingh@hotmail.com.

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