When He Said That He Loved You, How Did You Feel?

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By Paarull Bakshi

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I always get asked these questions by many girls as to when do you really know that he’s the one? Is it when he says “ I Love You” or is it what he makes you feel?

Feelings to me are so unique as you can have feelings for almost anyone and anything, we are humans and are allowed to feel. We’re allowed to feel how we want and when we want. Words hold so much more meaning when they’re attached to feelings, it’s the feelings in the words that carry the weight. So in my opinion, if someone says “I love you” then go based on the feelings you felt in those words. If you felt a weird feeling in your tummy or a chill down your spine when you heard those words from him then you know that he meant them. Your body will tell you in ways  when its right by acting in weird ways and having funny feelings. Listen and feel carefully and you will just know.

How do I know I’m attracted to him?

Another question that I get asked a lot by some girls is how do I know that I’m attracted to him?

This is something we learnt in maybe high school about physical attraction! It’s just the hormones that react when you see something that you are naturally attracted to. But to give you a few tips, here it goes:

Do you go beet read when you see him?

Does your body feel warmer than usual?

Do you fix your hair or your clothes when you’re with him?

Do you laugh more or even giggle being with him?

Do you feel that you’re at a loss for words when you’re with him?

Do you feel that you want to touch him when you see him?

If some of these things happen to you when you see him or meet him then it’s probably an indication that you are attracted to him. Physical attraction is much easier to detect than how one feelsJ

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