Trudeau Meets South Asian Media

Having the political spotlight and poll thunder again stolen by the resurging NDP and their leader Thomas Mulcair, with a big NDP provincial victory in Conservative heartland of Alberta,  Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau is making his final push before the election is called, which some say may happen as early as August even though many are predicting PM Stephen Harper waiting till the very end in October to drop the writ. Trudeau met with members of the South Asian media in South Vancouver, the home riding of his star candidate Harjit Sajjan, where other candidates such as Surrey favorite Sukh Dhaliwal, Jati Sidhu from Matsqui-Fraser Canyon from the Fraser Valley and Delta candidate Carla Qualtrough were also present. Due to the Vancouver location, many South Asian media organizations, 95 percent of which is based in Surrey, including the LINK, couldn’t attend. But Trudeau had an engaging conversation with the ones who did make it out there. Trudeau has his work cut out for him and his actions this summer will eventually decide his and his party’s fate in the upcoming election.

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