Headline: An app to learn Sikh stories

Photo: Gurpreet Singh wants to reach the younger generation through his app.

While growing up, Gurpreet Singh listened to the Sikh Gurus’ stories from his father, mother, nana-nani and dada-dadi. And those very tales steeped in morals formed much of his world view.

A tradition full of values, yet in the mad rush of materialism is what bothered this Bahrain-based business manager.

So, he took out time, planned, recorded short stories from the life history of the 10 Sikh Gurus and converted them into an audio app, so as to connect with the younger generation.

Saakhi — Sikh History & Gurmat is a mobile application aimed at spreading awareness about the Sikh religion and its tenets through audio stories on Sikh Gurus, Great Sikhs, Gurbani Paath; along with answers to the questions on Sikhism.

“I feel it is an innovative way to get connected to Sikh roots and Khalsa traditions, which is the need of the hour especially for the younger generation that is gradually getting detached from Gurmat,” says Gurpreet.

“My team took six months to make the app a reality. The focus was to provide a ready-made option to youth to hear out Saakhis or stories that were told by parents to children at bed-time — a tradition that has gone out of fashion.”

The mobile application is available for both ‘Android’ and ‘iOS’ users. Saakhi is also available on the website sikhsaakhi.com, so that anyone who does not have ‘Android’ or ‘iOS’ devices can also listen to the stories.

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