Daylight Saving Time Ritual

Daylight saving time ritual has had its proponents and dissidents; and pros and cons ever since its conception attributed to U S founding father and President (18 October 1785–5 November 1788).Benjamin Franklin, Its proponents, basically, include the employers; – jurisdictional administrations and business communities; consumer-goods industrialists, suppliers and sellers, who have the option to keep their own (working) hours. The dissidents include blue/white collar workers, infrastructure and insurance and EMS services providers, who occasionally voice their concerns about adverse impacts of biannual ‘Daylight Savings’ Time ritual’.

While the proponents of ‘’Daylight Savings Time ritual’ cite subtle economic benefits and energy savings; its dissidents bear the brunt of disparity between time clock and’ body clocks of wage earner commuters. Occasionally a discerning voice cites ramped up auto accidents, injury statistics, insurance costs.

Given the complacency of proponents of biannual ‘Daylight Savings Ritual’ and apathy of its tacit objectors, there is no end in sight to dubious ritual. Simple logic evinces that ‘daylight savings gained at one end is lost at the other end.

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