LINK Editor Meets Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh

South Asian LINK editor R. Paul Dhillon met with Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh And Punjab’s Number #2 Man Brahm Mohindra during his trip to Punjab and India. Capt. Amarinder and Dhilon had a short five-minute chat where the first thing he said when Dhillon’s cousin Sahibjit Singh Sandhu and senior cabinet minister Brahm Mohindra introduced him to Maharaja and said he is from Vancouver was – “Why are you people so unwelcoming?”, Capt. Amarinder said. Dhillon replied: “Sir now that you are the King of Punjab and the voters have given you a landslide win, you come now for a visit to Vancouver and they will welcome you with open arms. At least more now than before anyway!” At which, Capt. Amarinder Singh laughed and said “I don’t mean you.”  They both laughed and chatted about other things like music and politics and upcoming mandate, at which Amarinder Singh was clear that it won’t be business as usual and Punjab is changing and political-governing system also has to change.

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