Capt. Amarinder Singh Says Phone, job, Debt Waiver In First Year

CHANDIGARH – The Punjab Chief Minister today said that despite the constraints faced by his government, which has inherited empty coffers, the three promises made to the people of Punjab, entailing major financial implications, would be met in the first year of the government — the youth would be given smartphones, one person in each household a job and farmers a debt waiver.

“I am aware the state is in a financial mess. Even though we will come out with a ‘White Paper’ on the state’s fiscal health by the Budget session in June, we are looking at out-of-the-box ideas to fulfil these promises,” Capt Amarinder said.

Sources say the government is in talks with a leading telecom company that will supply basic smartphones and will earn revenues through the use of its cellular network. For the best way to settle farm loans, a three-member committee of experts is being set up.

The CM said his government would table a Bill in the next session to pave the way for waiving the farm debt.

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