Dianne Watts Fundraiser!

Conservative party MP and former Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts held a Garden Party fundraiser in Surrey on Sunday afternoon. Watts has always distinguished herself as a classy lady and this was a very classy affair held at a multi-million dollar private mansion owned by the owner of the Ritchie Bros Auctioneers.

The palatial mansion at Crescent Beach overlooking the ocean was absolutely gorgeous setting for a Sunday afternoon Do with wine and appies and a lot of politics. Even Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer stopped by as a last minute special guest and the event also brought out Watts’ fellow MPs as well as her old friend Surrey mayor Linda Hepner.

But it was Watts who was the centre of attention as with BC Liberal leader Christy Clark announcing that she’s stepping down as party leader – all eyes are on Watts to throw her hat in the BC Leadership ring first and be the front-runner from the start. Big business including BC billionaire Jim Pattison is a backer of Watts and if she decides to go for it – she will give the BC Liberals the best shot at reclaiming power again! But will she do it is the million dollar question?

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