Two Indo-Canadian Volunteers From Surrey Head To Ghana To See The Impact Of World Vision Programs

Prabjot and Dilpreet Gill from Surrey: World Vision Child Sponsorship Ambassadors are people who live across Canada and are committed, passionate people who believe they can change the lives of children. Their mandate is to help World Vision find sponsors for children who truly need support, while sharing about sponsorship and other World Vision initiatives with Canadians who want to help.

MISSISSAUGA –  Two World Vision Indo-Canadian volunteers — Prabjot and Dilpreet Gill from Surrey, BC will be in Ghana September 8-18th, discovering the impact of World Vision programs first hand.

The group will be visiting projects in Jirapa and West Gonja and getting to know some of the local children who are in need of sponsors. Upon their return, Prabjot and Dilpreet will have a new appreciation for the true value of the unpaid hours they dedicate every year.

Volunteers are essential to World Vision, as they are to community groups, hospitals, shelters, churches, and other not-for-profit organizations. They teach, they lead, they support, they sacrifice, they inspire… and they make it possible for entire sectors, like international development, to thrive. Their efforts allow organizations to be better stewards of their donors’ dollars and make every donation reach that much further.

Quick Facts:

  • In 2013, 12.7 million Canadians or 44% of people, aged 15 years and older, participated in some form of volunteer work (Statistics Canada, 2013)
  • 2013, volunteers devoted about 1.96 billion hours to their volunteer activities, a volume of work that is equivalent to about 1 million full-time jobs (Statistics Canada, 2013)

About World Vision in Ghana

  • World Vision started working in Ghana in 1979 and our goal for 2021 is to be contributing to the sustained well-being of 4.5 million vulnerable children, their families and communities.
  • Today, we work with families and children to help establish solid infrastructure in the areas of education, health care and child protection. We work with partners wherever possible to ensure sustainable, effective systems are put in place.
  • Complementing this are agricultural programs where farmers learn how to increase production in difficult growing conditions and community savings groups to learn how to accumulate much-needed business capital.
  • For more information about our work in Ghana and the impact we have had to date please visit: worldvision.ca/our-work/ghana


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