The filming of Niranjan Singh “Nanji” Dhaliwal and LINK editor R. Paul Dhillon’s anti-gang music video TARGETS has begun with an appropriate but ominous first day shoot at a cemetery. A group of artists – Niranjan Singh “Nanji” Dhaliwal (song writer-lyricist), Sam Sidhu (music director), Gogi Bains (singer), Gurpreet Lucky Sahota (Punjabi journalist) and R. Paul Dhillon (journalist-Editor of the LINK and filmmaker) – have come together to launch an arts-music campaign called TARGETS to bring awareness to youth as they consume music and music videos as their primary ways of getting entertainment and amusement.

The Targets team has done their own fundraising to fund this project and welcome others who want to make a contribution to join them in their effort including individuals from the business community, government and non-profit organizations and professional as well as community groups and organizations. On our opening day shoot with Ace Cameraman and Drone specialist Andrew Tran was at a Cemetery for obvious symbolic reasons as so many of our young people have ended up dead in gangland violence. The first day was easy day of filming vocals and Drone B-roll. Good project supported by good friends and people who care about the community.

This project is being done with more than 50 percent support from Nanji who wrote the song and Nanji is putting 100 percent heart in this project. He’s a true social hero!!!!

For more information, please email us at info@branddmedia.ca Or Contact:

Niranjan Singh Dhaliwal – 604-657-7800

Sam Sidhu – 778-846-9726

Gogi Bains – 604-780-4039

Gurpreet Lucky Sahota – 604-598-7771

Paul Dhillon – 604-880-3463

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