Our Beautiful Canada. By Gian Singh Kotli


Beautiful splendid treasure trove of heavenly grace is Canada.

Full of diversity of flowers a blooming spring garden is Canada.                      

No discrimination of language caste, creed, profession, anywhere,

People are respected and treated really like humans in Canada.

All faiths cultures, beliefs, and ideals enjoy their respective place.

People enjoy the right to promote their culture justly in Canada.

All around is fascinating sweet charm of fairy like beautiful faces,

And smiling bony babies look blooming spring flowers in Canada

Decent civic sense prevails supreme people are sweet and courteous.

The entire world has accepted that best of all countries is Canada.

No high handedness, disparity, corruption, bribery, injustice here

People are listened to nicely as the Government is so just in Canada.

With due respect all faiths, beliefs, and ideals enjoy full freedom.

People enjoy varied colors of their cultures very fairly in Canada.

Humans are not treated, tortured, beaten, inhumanly like animals.

Even the offenders are treated courteously by Police in Canada.

Licenses for breaking laws and committing crimes are not for sale here.

Always truth and justice are weighed in the Balance of Justice in Canada.

Vast landscapes, thick old forests, are invaluable treasure of nature.

The business of wood has even beaten the gold-business in Canada.

All beauteous dreams, lovely longings, warm aspirations, sweet wishes,

And beauteous colors of all people created this masterpiece of Canada.

Seniors have better longer life have no remorse for the youth gone by,

Elderly pensioners sit and frolic freely here and there in Canada.

No work small, great or high, no disparity between the king and popper,

All work is valued in its earnest and deemed a dignified honor in Canada.

What a grand grandeur to all faiths, and great honor for human-values,

As even the Defense Minister is purely a baptized true Sikh in Canada.



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