Hayne Kicks Off Campaign!

Integrity Now leader and Surrey Mayoral candidate Bruce Hayne kicked off his election campaign with a big fundraiser attended by over 500 people at Surrey’s Bombay Banquet Hall. Hayne, who broke away from his Surrey First party now headed by Tom Gill for mayor, unveiled his slate which now includes two former Surrey First Councillors Barbara Steele and Dave Woods as well as exciting newcomer Avi Dhaliwal and former Doug McCallum (now running under the Safe Surrey banner) team member Rina Gill, who has run twice in the past but failed to get into the winner’s circle but coming close last time, finishing 9th, just out of the winner’s circle but still trailing by over 8000 votes to eight place finisher Vera LeFranc of Surrey First.

Hayne is seen as a good middle of the road choice from Surrey First and McCallum’s Safe Surrey but this time out, it is a Three-Horse front-runners battle between Hayne, Gill and McCallum and anyone of them can take the Top Dog Surrey job. Election begins on September 20 and these teams will be picking up the pace and the battle will surely get very heated.

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