Doug Paaji Getting The Star Treatment!

Doug McCallum, aka Doug Paaji has become the Star in the Punjabi community in Surrey. On Wednesday evening, he was front and centre at one of the many victory parties his well wishers and supporters and those of Safe Surrey have thrown – this one was courtesy of Surrey businessman Kewal Takhar, the owner of Holiday Inn in Surrey, where the party was held. Many of the supporters who brought Doug Paaji to the Mayor’s Chair came out to celebrate his and their victory.

The supporters looked like businessmen and working class businessmen from the construction and other industries. There was a feeling that they can really share in Safe Surrey’s power and change the city into what they want and McCallum said that they have done so quickly with the SkyTrain and police changes. “Mayors of neighbouring cities are amazed at the pace of our actions and what we have accomplished in a month,” McCallum said to loud cheers.

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