OUTSIDE THE BOX: How To Encounter Sat Guru For Maximum Spiritual Glory

By Mike Bhangu

“Even if the mortal could reduce himself to the size of an atom, and through the ethers, worlds and realms, shoot in the blink of an eye, O Nanak, without the Holy Saint, he shall not be saved. ||2||”–(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, ang 1360)

The person comes into the world innocent, with little knowledge of the reality cast into, and an individual learns of the world from the givers of information such as governments, movies, music, corporations, the family tree, and religions.

Regrettably, all of them have the potential to, purposely or accidentally, communicate inaccurate knowledge and a person can grow to live a life governed by an untruthful value system.

The consciousness can be misinformed and an individual can live a lie without knowing it.  But there is a teacher forever truthful and who is eternally incorruptible.  This giver of knowledge will never purposely or unknowingly mislead an individual.  I forever salute Sat Guru.

All gifts worth holding rest with God Spiritually-Manifest and the Sikh philosophy aims to guide a person toward Sat Guru.  This by revealing the wisdom required to experience an encounter with The Truest Teacher.

To experience a visit by Sat Guru, a person must correctly be, and suggestions such as the following create an invisible state of being Sat Guru favours.  Every living thing emanates an invisible presence.  Yet, until a person rises above the five senses and opens the Tenth Gate, the invisible will remain invisible.


  1. Selfless service.


  1. Egalitarianism.


  1. Employment of the five weapons (love, truth, contentment, compassion, and humility).


  1. Selflessness.


  1. Meditation.


  1. Simran.


  1. Kirtan.


  1. Mantras (e.g. Mool Mantra).


  1. Saintly companionship.

Sat Guru is attracted by the presence generated by the mentioned.  An individual who adheres to the suggestions the Sikh doctrine forwards emanates a favourable vibration and, if Karma permits, the person will experience a visit by The True Guru.  This is a natural law.

Just as the above suggestions produce the ideal state of being, a person can also create a presence that builds a barrier between Sat Guru and him or her.  This too is a natural law and such examples as the following contaminate an individual’s state of being.

  1. Alcohol, nicotine, and carnivorous eating.


  1. Corrupt company and degenerate establishments.


  1. The five thieves (lust, anger, greed, ego, and attachment).


  1. Slander.

The Sikh dogma is designed to assist a person reach a state of being ideal for a celestial experience.  To meet Sat Guru is the highest earthly purpose.  The formula is simple but difficult to practice.  Those who can are the best of the living.  And Sat Guru doesn’t necessarily appear to an individual.  Sat Guru can speak within a person and to a person.  Yet, do not confuse the inner dialogue the mind generates with instructions from The Spirit.  The voice of The True Teacher is distinct and sounds not where the mind’s dialogue unfolds.

So please, love God’s Spirit and love all God’s creations.  In God’s Mercy, the Lord will send Sat Guru.  Sat Guru truthfully teaches and Sat Guru can activate the Word (the Shabad) within.  The Word’s resonance allows the “I” to experience the absolute reality.  Through the mind of a mystic, union with The Great Architect can be achieved.  A permanent love, in the truest sense, can soak through to every gene and every inch of a person’s being.  Salvation can be yours and the first step is to correctly be.

– By Amazon best-selling author, Mike Bhangu (thinkingmanmike@gmail.com).  To view Mike’s book catalogue, please visit Amazon.com and search: Mike Bhangu.  Or use the following URL: https://www.amazon.com/Mike-Bhangu/e/B00ZXHPGQI/



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