Inquiry Finds Something Fishy And Unexplained In Gas Price Hikes

VANCOUVER – A commission tasked with finding answers to why B.C. drivers pay so much more for gas has found that there is an unexplained 13 cents per litre price difference in Metro Vancouver gas prices from its Pacific Northwest comparator.

That difference in price can’t be explained by economic factors and gas prices in Metro Vancouver are higher than would be expected under more competitive conditions, David Morton, chair and CEO of the B.C. Utilities Commission announced Friday.

There was no disconnect found in diesel prices between B.C. and the rest of the country, however.

In May, the BCUC was asked by Premier John Horgan to investigate what causes prices to climb as high as $1.70 per litre.

In northern B.C., Morton said there was an unexplained difference of six cents. Those unexplained differences across B.C. amount to a $500 million impact on the province.

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