Why Do The Mass Murderers Of Innocent People In India Never Get Punished – Because They Are Protected By Government

By Kanwal Jit Singh Gill

Over the years we have been talking about the role of ruling Governments and political leaderships in killing thousands of innocents in 1984 and 2002. And many other cases where innocents belonging to minorities have been killed. And the guilty involved in these innocent killings have never been punished. And accused big name guilty leaders are walking around freely. All this is possible only when the ruling Governments and political leaderships want to protect the guilty leaders and persons involved in these innocent killings.

But ruling Governments and political leaderships can never protect the guilty without full cooperation and support of the high administration officers, Intelligence, CBI, police officers. Now the question is why these officers in high class positions have always failed to perform their jobs to protect the citizens of the country being killed openly by the mobs being led by political leaders? Why all these high class officers have acted Dumb and Blind in all such cases and allowed mobs to kill innocents openly? And even afterwards they have continued to act Dumb and Blind, and failed to charge, arrest and punish the guilty. They’re supposed to do all these things because that is big part of their jobs for which they’re getting paid.

There are few things that point out about such roles of these officers. One thing is that these officers are also against minorities and support mobs while they are killing innocents belonging to minorities. Or they’re bought by ruling leaderships by paying them big money or promising big promotions etc.? Otherwise how can these officers explain why they they failed to perform their jobs and don’t know anything about the guilty persons who killed thousands of innocents in the country?

Over the years we have seen the same Intelligence, CBI, police officers etc. act very smart to charge, arrest and punish the guilty who kill someone very secretly. They can produce all kind of plans made, evidence, weapons and witnesses to get these guilty punished. Intelligence agencies, CBI etc. even claim to know about the terrorists and their activities even in foreign countries. But then can they explain why they act Dumb and Blind, when thousands of innocents are being killed openly in their capital city Delhi? Why don’t they know anything about the leaders who were leading the guilty mobs, providing them weapons, tyres and petrol etc. to burn innocents alive, burn their houses and businesses? Who was giving them information about the address of houses and businesses owned by the minorities? Why don’t the so-called smart Intelligence, CBI, police officers don’t know anything about these things? Aren’t they all acting Dumb and Blind as ordered by the ruling Governments and political leadership?

These things prove that ruling political leaderships and mobs couldn’t have killed thousands of innocents in 1984 and 2002 without full support of these high class officers. No wonder they’re not providing any evidence and witnesses etc. in courts to get the guilty punished. And all such guilty involved in innocent killings of minorities are walking around freely. Not only the political leaders but also officers involved directly or indirectly should be punished. Otherwise we’ll continue to see such innocent killings in future too because guilty political leaders and officers will continue to support each other for their political and personal benefits. The whole system needs big improvement and change.

Kanwal jit Singh Gill is a Surrey-based writer and activist.

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