Andrew Wilkinson Meets With South Asian Press

By R. Paul Dhillon

SURREY – BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson was very lively with his spiel on how everything is bad with the NDP, from ICBC to Job losses and union contracts for big public construction projects to forestry and housing downturn, costly tunnel rather than the Liberals proposed bridge project to replace Massey tunnel, high property taxes and Surrey’s new hospital announcement was just electioneering by the NDP as it won’t be built anytime soon – I could go on but I’ll stop.

From Wilkinson’s view – NDP has run BC into the ground despite Moody’s rating agency giving NDP run BC the Thumbs Up!

Of course , some media members, myself included, pointed out that much of his criticism applied to his own Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell-led governments who looked the other way and let black money and money laundering run unfettered in the province, leading to house prices going sky high.

I pointed out that Wilkinson is strictly speaking to his base but what is it going to take for him to win and avoid the fate of the other Andrews?

He said his party is going to have to win majority of the 13 swing ridings, including 3 in Surrey to form the next government with an early election expected coming spring or fall 2020.

Wilkinson agreed with me that they lost the Surrey ridings and the election because of Clark’s refusal to do away with the Alex Fraser bridge toll. He said if he’s elected, he won’t be bringing back the toll or MSP premiums as hinted by the NDP in a press release last week.

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