Canadian Muslims Celebrate Government’s Permission to Broadcast Prayers


By Hanif A. Patel

Canadian Muslims accolades and appreciate the recent Government’s permission to broadcast the call to prayer in the last few days of Ramadan.

Adhan echoes five time a day, prior to each prayer from every Mosque and to recite Adhan from loud speaker is a ubiquitous practice universally.

The first time being able to call to prayer out loud in Canada would not only lift all our spirits but also bring back a sense of our unity in our community. It is not only strengthening but beautifying the Canadian multi cultural society.

It is more than tolerance, it is our acceptance. Such type of legislative permission supports a pluralist ethos. That is remarkable that this country has shown once again the unity in diversity.

The call of prayer rang from the roof of Mosque on evening as the sky glowed pink from the setting Sun On May 18 at Surrey Jamia Mosque. It was first Adhan beautifully recited by Hafez Hammadullah Qazi. People excited when they heard that Adhan was being publicly broadcast. Indeed it was a memorable moment for Muslims that would be engraved with the golden letter on the pages of Surrey Jamia Mosque history.

Local MP Sukh Dhaliiwal, Jinny Sims MLA, Harry Bains MLA , Surrey Mayor Dough McCallum and other local politician also remained present during Adhan publicly broadcasted at the Surrey Jamia Mosque premises. Many people gazed up at the Mosque as the Arabic hymn floated down:

Almighty is the greatest.

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship,

except the Almighty.

The term Adhan stand for to proclaim the glory of Almighty and prayer call. During Adhan a devotee stands facing towards Mecca and with his fingers in his ears cries in long sonorous notes “Almighty is great.” Adhan is an invitation to worshipers to hasten for prayer.

It is unusual to hear the Adhan publicly broadcast for number of years. Muslims have relied on the human voice to call the faithful to prayer. It has become tradition and trend that wherever a Mosque is built there is a place for Muzezzin or prayer caller.

If your refer the Islamic history than you will be able to find easily that in the early 6th century first Adhan was sonorously recited by Bilala ibne Rabbah ( whose father was an Arab and mother from Ethiopian descendant ) at Mecca.

It has been advised that as soon as Adhan commenced immediately we should shut down all activities, even if you are busy reading the Quran’n and listen with rapt attention towards the verses of Adhan and reply. It means Muslims seriously adhere to the rule not to indulge in worldly affairs during Adhan recitation.

Hanif A. Patel is a Surrey of British Columbia based writer.