Cheema-Dhaliwal Battle Royal?


Dr. Gulzar Cheema, a former BC MLA and minister who was swayed by former federal Liberal leader Paul Martin to run federally, is returning to federal politics with a potential run for the nomination in the formerly held Liberal riding of Newton-North Delta, currently held by NDP’s Jinny “Jogindro” Sims. Cheema is very close with to party leader Justin Trudeau, for whom he and other supporters held a packed fundraising dinner Wednesday night in Cloverdale. But Cheema’s intentions to seek the nomination could mean a battle royal like you never seen before (no, actually you have) against former MP Sukh Dhaliwal, who might be returning to the federal scene after the mini CRA scandal  forced him to drop out as candidate for the BC Liberals just before their win in May’s provincial election. Interestingly, Dhaliwal was a no show at the fundraiser. Trudeau told LINK editor R. Paul Dhillon that he is bringing in open nominations in all federal ridings, even in the ones with incumbents, to ensure the party gets good local candidates. Cheema is building a strong team to back his bid, which could mean that Dhaliwal may be outside looking in!