Give Peace A Chance Festival On Saturday, September 21 Will Pay Tribute To Founder RB Herath


SURREY – Global Peace Alliance, Surrey is holding its ‘Give Peace a Chance’ Festival next Saturday, September 21 at Surrey City Hall and it will be paying tribute to it’s founder RB Herath as well as celebrating the International Day of Peace.

The festival’s theme this year reflects our climate crisis, and calls for the earth’s protection. Kwantlen chief Marilyn Gabriel and Keven Kelly will open our festival with a First Nations welcome. To name just a few, author and teacher Pattie Pascal will be speaking on bullying.

Thomas Sandborn, a social justice activist, journalist, and environmentalist, will be speaking on the relationship between the Green New Deal and peace and justice. Rochelle Prasad, founder of Camp We Empower and the Climate Change Challenge program for grades 3-12, will be speaking on her recent trip to the 24th Youth Assembly at the United Nations Institute of Peace.

Music and Dances from countries such as India, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan, Vietnam and Greece will help celebrate multicultural Surrey.

A tribute will be paid to Global Peace Alliance founder Dr. RB Herath who remains on as an advisor to the organization and we will acknowledge and award the participants and winners of our yearly ART4Peace Visual and Literary Contest.

Global Peace Alliance was started with the launch of a book A new Beginning for Humankind: A Recipe for Lasting Peace on Earth by RB Harath at a community forum on world peace. Key ideas included solutions to ending wars such as nuclear disarmament, ending superpower policing, reforming the UN, conflict resolution and lastly and more importantly subduing the enemies of peace within ourselves: greed, hatred, delusion. Replaced with caring and sharing; forgiving and forgetting, acting responsibly in a trustworthy, reliable and non-violent manner, appreciation of the well-being and happiness of all humans as one’s own .

Global Peace is a non-profit run by directors from varied ethnic, religious and political backgrounds; Asad Syed, Niovi Patsicakis, Furquan Gehlen, Maryam Boukherbani, Rajesh JayaPrakrash, and Annie Ohana