India Ranks Sixth Worst Country For Business


MUMBAI – As U.S. and European countries economic growth is being obstructed, the businessmen are making plans to invest in the countries with emerging markets to churn out better profits. Countries like Brazil, Russia and Indonesia have experienced huge FDI records in 2011 which is 3 times more than last year. The business people’s assumption of making great money from the establishment in these countries is just a myth. The rules and regulations in these nations can destruct the growth as they follow very strict laws. Here are the countries that are named as a worst place for business establishment.

One of the superpower economy in the world has also made into the list because of corruption in government offices. Bribe is the major reason as for establishment of business a person has to give millions of money and the court takes at least 4 years to activate the contract.  Even the real estate suffers in this country because of huge delay in issuing a construction permit. There are recent issues where India has been fighting against political and government scandals have piled up $39 billion revenue which also created a public dissatisfaction with the politicians.  The unsocial environment has not hampered the reputation of the country when it comes to foreign investment. UNCTAD predicted India as a home for second largest population in world and also listed the country in the top 5 attractive destinations for international investors over 2010-12.