Leela’s Lilting Melodic Vocals Fires Up Celtic Angel’s Celtic Hits


Celtic Hits ia a soulful revival of 16 traditional songs that evoke the dreamy and timeless essence of Celtic Music.

Celtic Angel, aka Leela Barbara Fraser (the better half of the performing couple Freedom and Leela), a fourth generation Canadian soprano of Scottish and Irish ancestry, has self produced, composed, and arranged this magical memoir reinventing Irish and Scottish classic hits with her creative and sensitive musical touch.

This unique style of traditional and contemporary Celtic Music blends iconic Celtic melodies and instrumentation such as the bagpipes, bodhran, tin whistle, Celtic Harp, violin, piano, guitar and strings with Leela’s lilting melodic vocals.

Celtic Angel’s sweet, pure, and soaring soprano vocals are bound to transport listeners on an emotional journey conjuring up vivid memories, stories, and nostalgic feelings.

Leela was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, into a musical family with seven siblings who collectively sang and performed Celtic and Chrisitian music at community events and concerts in Eastern Canada late into their teens.

She has continued her passion for music and attained a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice and a Diploma in Jazz Studies from St. Francis Xavier University, NS.

Much of Leela’s inspiration for music comes from her mother, Lillian (Ryan) and father, James Fraser. Lillian, like Leela is also a soprano, and both mother and daughter frequently performed at local Celtic music events, concerts, and musical theater performances.