Man Kills Co-Worker For Watching Him Have Sex With Prostitutes


BEIJING – A driver in China has been arrested for killing a worker and wounding three others who watched him having sex with two prostitutes in a car.

The 32-year-old man has been officially arrested for murder though he said he felt the victims were robbers, the Shanghai Daily quoted a Guangzhou Daily report as stating Thursday.

The man surnamed Jiang, admitted that he was having sex with two prostitutes in his car parked on a road in Guangdong province’s Foshan city Nov 23 at night.

According to prosecutors, the activity was spotted by six young men who had just finished their work in a nearby factory. They saw the trio in the car, looked at them for a while and curiously knocked at the car’s door.

Jiang turned furious and got out of the car to argue with them. However, one of the workers helped to end their heated argument.

But just as the group was walking away, Jiang returned and attacked them. One of the workers, surnamed He, died on the spot while three others suffered some injuries.

A security camera recorded the whole scene.

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