Mulcair And NDP Candidates Stress Families First During Surrey Media Roundtable


SURREY — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair brought his front-leading campaign to Surrey Wednesday where he met with members of the local media and laid out a five points plan the NDP government will work on if elected.

NDP’s five point plan:

·         Prioritizing family reunification for children and grandparents to speed up processing time and reduce backlogs;

·         Addressing the historical wrong of the Komagata Maru by officially apologizing in the House of Commons;

·         Repealing Bill C-51 that the Liberals and Conservatives teamed up to pass, which has the potential to make one’s religious and political beliefs shared with foreign governments;

·         Cutting the small business tax rate from 11 to 9 percent to kick start the local economy; and

·         Re-launching the Police Officer Recruitment Fund with an investment of $250 million over the next four years, followed by $100 million in annual permanent funding.

Mulcair was introduced to the media by Jasbir Sandhu, the candidate for Surrey-Centre. Jinny Sims (Surrey-Newton), Garry Begg (Fleetwood-Port Kells) and Amandeep Nijjar (Vancouver South) were also in attendance.

“After ten years of Stephen Harper, middle class families are barely making ends meet. Family reunification wait times are skyrocketing, small businesses are struggling and the city of Surrey is plagued with crime and gang violence,” said Sandhu. “It’s time for change in Surrey and an NDP government will work hard to help middle class families get ahead.”

“Wednesday’s announcement of the Police Officer Recruitment Fund is a much needed step in fighting crime,” said retired police officer Gary Begg. “The $250 million investment over the next four years, followed by another $100 million in annual permanent funding is needed by communities across the country.”

Nijjar noted that “the Orange wave has arrived in B.C. It is clear that the people of this province are ready for change.”

“We have an incredible team of candidates here in the Lower Mainland with a wealth of experience,” noted Sims. “New Democrats are ready to defeat Conservatives and win in Surrey.”