Nominations For 2014 Multiculturalism Award Being Sought


OTTAWA – Canadians areasked to submit nominationsfor the sixth annual Paul YuzykAward for Multiculturalism.“Canada’s pluralism is a big partof what makes our countrygreat, and it’s important that wecontinue to strengthen and promoteit,” said MulticulturalismMinister Jason Kenney. “That iswhy, through the Paul YuzykAward for Multiculturalism, werecognize those who haveshown dedication to fosteringintegration and social cohesionin communities across Canada. Iencourage all Canadians tonominate a friend, colleague orvolunteer worker who makesoutstanding efforts to build astronger country.”The award commemorates thelegacy of the late Senator PaulYuzyk, who was a member ofthe Senate of Canada fromFebruary 1963 to July 1986 andplayed a key role in the developmentof Canadian multiculturalismpolicy. He has been calledthe father of multiculturalismfor his early role in achievingpolicy recognition for the “thirdforce” of Canadian society; thatis, those who were of neitherBritish nor French descent.One award is granted annuallyto an individual or a group whodemonstrates dedication toadvancing intercultural understandingand the integration ofnewcomers into Canadian society.Individuals are nominated inone of two categories:Outstanding Achievement orLifetime Achievement.The Outstanding Achievementcategory recognizes an individualor group who has recentlymade a significant contributionto promote and embraceCanada’s long tradition ofpeaceful pluralism. The LifetimeAchievement category honoursan individual who has demonstratedthe same dedication overa period of at least ten years.The award recipient receives acertificate of honour, signed bythe Minister, as well as the privilegeto select an eligible, registered,not-for-profit Canadianorganization to receive a$20,000 grant from theGovernment of Canada. The2013 Paul Yuzyk Award recipientfor OutstandingAchievement, Bashir Ahmed ofEdmonton, Alberta, selectedthe Somali Canadian Educationand Rural DevelopmentOrganization to receive the federalgrant.Nominations for the 2014 PaulYuzyk Award forMulticulturalism must be postmarkedby March 1, 2014.