Refugee Crisis Pushes Europe To Chaos, Anarchy And Deepens Divisions In Europe


By Dr. Sawraj Singh

Crisis of the western capitalism is Deepening and has reached its birthplace and heartland, “Europe”. The scenes of helter skelter, chaos and anarchy show an ugly face of Europe. Sinking boats, floating dead bodies and thousands of people desperately trying to enter into the European countries are being stopped by barbed wires, vicious dogs, water cannons, tear gas and by kicks and blows. Highways and railways blocked to stop their flow. This crisis has exposed the real face of western capitalism .This is not just a refugee crisis, it may be the beginning of the terminal crisis of western capitalism which can end the two centuries of western domination and the half century of American hegemony.

Western capitalism and its highest stage globalization have led to a pseudo civilization based upon selfishness and greed. The so called western civilization, which developed under capitalism, does not meet the criteria of a true civilization. A true civilization should promote peace, stability, equipoise and harmony. However the present western civilization has done exactly the opposite by inciting restlessness, instability, chaos and anarchy. At first the consumer culture of globalization swallowed the other cultures and destroyed their way of life, value system and their family and social relations. Finally it has started destroying whatever was left of the traditional Europe. In contrast to their scenes of chaos and anarchy, the scene emerging from the East (Russia and China) shows discipline, order and stability. Just look at the 70th annual victory parades in Moscow and Beijing and the comparative situation in the east and the west becomes clear.

The refugee crisis has deepened divisions and sharpened contradictions in Europe. In the east, the two major powers, Russia and China are moving closer and closer. However, in the west, the European countries are moving in different directions and Europe’s differences with America are growing. Germany wants to take more refugees while Hungry and the East European countries are vehemently opposing the refugees. They are afraid that Europe is going to lose its traditional Christian and racial identity. Most of the refugees are coming from the Middle East and North Africa. They are Muslims and are Arabs or Blacks.

The three major countries of Europe, Germany, England and France seem to be moving in different directions. England wants to come out of the European Union and is closer to America than to Europe. France wants to improve its relations with Russia and the Islamic countries. Germany is mainly concerned in becoming the economic super power of Europe. The recent voting in the U.N. on the issue of the Palestinians flag showed the differences in the west. The Palestinians scored a major victory and America and Israel very badly defeated. 119 countries votes in favor while only 8 countries voted against. We can clearly see the differences between Europe and America on this issue.

Ten European countries including France, Spain, Italy and Sweden voted for the Palestinians while the remaining abstained. The biggest tragedy was that Canada voted with America and Israel against the Palestinians. Stephan Harper seems to be doing more damage to Canada than Bush has done to America. Canada worked very hard for sixty years to create an image of an independent country which had good relations with the third world countries. However, Harper has again reduced Canada to just an appendage of America in the world’s eyes.

Historically, the western capitalists are responsible for the problems related to migration and the refugee problem. They did not allow the third world countries to develop their industrial base. They destroyed whatever industry existed there in order to loot the natural resources of the third world countries and use those as raw material for their factories and used these countries as a market for their industrial products. They forcibly removed those rulers in the third world countries who wanted to control their natural resources and use them for the benefit of their own people. This led to civil wars in those countries.  Mossadegh in Iran, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Gaddafi in Libya are a few examples of such leaders. America has intervened in many countries to oust those rulers who did not toe its policies. The civil wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and Syria are the direct result of the American intervention. The present refugee crisis is the direct result of the American foreign policy.

There is an almost consensus in Europe that it has become victim of the American foreign policy. President Putin and the Chinese leaders are wasting no time in telling Europe that the present refugee crisis there is the direct result of the American policies. Many nationalists in Europe have started looking at Putin as a hero who wants to preserve the European identity and way of life. America is seen as a villain by these forces because it is endangering the traditional European identity and civilization. Putin and Russia are the main beneficiaries of the present refugee crisis. Just look at the situation in Ukraine, America wanted to keep the heat on Putin and Russia for forcibly taking Crimea and the eastern Ukraine. However, after the present refugee crisis, the Ukraine has taken a back seat and all of Europe is focused on the refugee crisis.

By deepening the divisions among Europe and by widening the gap between Europe and America, the present refugee crisis will only fastenthe decline of western capitalism. It will also hasten the end of western domination and American hegemony. Russia and China by taking identical stands on the refugee crisis have again showed that while the west is facing growing divisions, the east is getting united. The balance of global power will continue to shift east at faster speed than before.

Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice. He can be reached at [email protected].