Superstar Tom Cruise Literally Hangs On A Ledge In Smart, Entertaining Thriller


Secret agent Ethan Hunt, come in from the cold. On second thought – don’t. Tom Cruise’s most famous and  believable (?) character faces off against countless dangers in Mission : Impossible – Rogue Nation. Again Paramount Pictures  wisely gave its lead star lots of leeway and the foreign flavour of this fifth film in The successful franchise drives home the

point .

One caper too many has seen the IMF run afoul of law makers in Washington D.C. So a stirring script by director Christopher McQuarrie  ( Jack Reacher) sees Hunt mount an elaborate chase to find out who has screwed his team over. Quick quips by Simon Pegg and a vexing woman called Ilsa spice things up further as the chase is on.  Cast as the vexing Ilsa  is Rebecca Ferguson (Hercules) in a role hat promises to be a game changer for her .

Action movies need villains you can hiss at. Sean Harris comes of age as a chameleon with a grudge and the firepower to back it up. Superb stunts and novel sets sees our hero hopscotch across the world in an effort to get at the truth.

Tension-packed and never a dull moment means Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is a real force to be reckoned with.