Surrey Police Board’s 2024 budget will be $141.5 million


The Surrey Police Board released information on its 2024 Surrey Police Services (SPS)
provisional budget, what SPS say, “to provide clarity, transparency, and accountability
during the transition from an RCMP detachment to a municipal police department.”
“There is a lot of misinformation on the policing costs in the City of Surrey, and I believe
that budget transparency is important for the people of Surrey to understand the costs
and the transition plans for SPS,” said Mike Serr, Surrey Police Board Administrator.

The budget, provided to the City of Surrey on November 30, 2023, was developed with
guidance from Jessica McDonald, Strategic Implementation Advisor, and with support
from Deloitte, an independent accounting firm.
The total 2024 budget is $141.5 million. “Based on the City of Surrey’s current financial
reports, the 2024 provisional budget fits within the City of Surrey’s financial framework
and accounts for only 42% of their allocated policing funds, said Serr.
Breaking down the budget he said, “$119.5 million will for ongoing operations, $6.6 million for
equipment and capital expenditures and $15.4 million for investments through the previously
established Policing Transition Project Fund,” he said.
Based on this budget, by the end of 2024, SPS will have 526 police officers, making up
approximately 67% of the City’s targeted policing strength for 2024, he added.
“The budget is predicated on the growth of Surrey Police Service and the corresponding
winding down of the RCMP. The efficient and orderly transition to SPS follows the
guidelines set out by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and will reduce
transition costs by eliminating the administrative overlap of running two police agencies
in Surrey,” said Serr.
SPS is currently made up of 346 police officers and the 2024 budget allocates a hiring
target of 180 additional police officers, which would bring the total number of SPS
officers to 526 by the end of 2024.
“The Board remains committed to transparency and open dialogue and will take every
step available to make sure people are heard and, most importantly, kept safe through
this transition,” said Mr. Serr. “I have an open and standing offer to brief the Surrey City
Council on this budget submission and to have open discussions about any
amendments. To date, this invitation to discuss this budget proposal has not been
Of the 180 new police officers, SPS is targeting 135 experienced officers from across
Canada and 45 recruits that will be trained at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

View the 2024 Surrey Police Service Provisional Budget PowerPoint Presentation