We Stand With Punjab Farmers And Their Fight Against Indian Government


Dear Editor

We have heard news that many farmers in India are committing suicide because they are unable to pay their bills. These new ordinances introduced my Prime Minister Modi, if implemented, would make their life much more difficult to survive.

A majority of emigrants from Punjab have come here have farmers background that is why we are here very understanding and feel sympathy for their cause. I feel sad and upset when I see tears in their eyes. Obviously, their living as it is , becoming very miserable as their land has been shrinking therefore they are leaving and deserting their homeland in hordes.

Modi is losing in touch with the grassroots as his friend Trump experienced in his recent election. He is expert like Trump dividing people on racial and religious backgrounds for his self interest. I am hoping the farmers must keep unity but not get divided into Modi’s trap. I feel that general population in India are fed up with his tricks and hopefully his demise will come next time.

Dr. Charan Gill, M.A., M.S.W., O.B.C.,

President, Canadian Farmworker’s Union.