Give Your Child A Head-Start This Summer With Academy One Learning!

SURREY – The popular teaching software provider Academy One Learning held a press conference with South Asian media in Surrey on Monday to highlight their product which has been helping thousands of children get better in school studies, including two the challenging subjects of Math and Science.

The staff of Academy One Learning showcased their highly effective learning software and support tools for the media with an emphasis on keeping the child turned on to school studies in the dog days of summer holidays.

Children all around Vancouver are receiving their school reports – some of them will be good and some of them not so good.  But one thing for sure, nearly all of them could do better, given the right support.   This is the philosophy behind the Math and English Wiz programs brought to you by AcademyOne Learning.  Math and English Wiz is used by students world-wide in more than one thousand schools and accessed by 500,000 plus students with amazing results.

“I would recommend this program to all the parents who are busy and need a complete support system to help their kids get ahead in school.   My son went from a failing grade to an “A” which was amazing for me to see as a parent.  He has gained a lot of confidence and is excited to do Math and get ahead.  His teachers in school are also surprised and have called me to the parent teacher meeting to ask me what I am doing with my son to get him so far ahead.” says Mrs Singh, Delta BC (grade 10 son) in her testimonial.

The latest release of the Academy One programs is set to revolutionize the face of tutoring.   While your child is doing the activities, the computer is constantly monitoring progress, and devising a personalized study plan.  For reward and encouragement, children can earn points while they are using the programs and the educational games. They can use to their points to win competitions, purchase items or make donations to charities in the Math and English Wiz store.

When your child goes into “My Study Room” on their computer, the activities they need to complete automatically appear, in their weekly lesson plan.  So they know exactly what they have to do.   No stress!

In fact, each child’s understanding is assessed and they are given a personalized lesson plan based on their strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum.   The lesson plan is unique to your child, based on their personal learning curve.

And as everything is explained in Math and English Wiz, children can learn at their own pace with confidence.   If they get stuck, they can phone the “home-work” help-line  for support from our friendly tutors.   And if you, as a parent, would like to discuss your child’s progress – the tutors will be happy to talk to you.

“Many children need guidance and support for every question and it should be personalized so they can learn at their own pace.   Without that extra help, they find learning much harder than it needs to be,” said Mary Sanghvi , Head Tutor for AcademyOne Learning.

“There is now a philosophy of having more assessments in school, but assessment is only useful if it is combined with tuition.   In fact, assessment is discouraging, for teachers and students alike, if nothing ‘s done to help the students as a result.

“We had a vision to provide personalized lesson plans and rewards for students to encourage them to learn more and more.  This is important as research has shown that rewards can have a profound impact on student motivation and achievement.  The results we are getting with lesson plans and our rewards programs overseas is beyond what we ever imagined.  We are so excited, about the impact on learning this will have for all of our

students in B.C,  already on our program, we will be offering them, these features at no additional charge” added Mary.

The Math and English Wiz programs support the B.C curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and as it is interactive, struggling, intermediate and advanced students can all reach their full potential.  So, if you would like to give your child the best chance of success for next year, give them a head start and get them started on the AcademyOne Learning programs over the Summer Holidays.

For more info call 604-622-7444 or email info@academyone.ca

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