Bollywood Wedding To Bring Back The Old Gang And Hilarity Will Ensue!


VANCOUVER – A hit with critics and audiences alike in 2009 the creators of the Bollywood Wedding are bringing it back and you’re all invited to come be part of its elaborate affair.

Bollywood Wedding is a hilarious dance and theatre event about the engagement and wedding of two young Indians brought together in an arranged marriage. Indian weddings are colourful and extravagant with fabulous clothing, an occasional melt down and lots of drama. They are the talk of the town….and this event will be sure to be the talk of this town…. no effort will be spared in making it a grand and entertaining affair.

The event will be outdoors in a beautiful garden setting and the proceedings will begin in the light of early evening and end in the dark of the night, lit by bonfires whose light will reflect the dazzling colours of the beautiful and authentic costumes.  Bollywood Wedding will move around the site, as the audience takes in various scenes and ends the evening with a big interactive dance at the wedding reception.

The show was created by South Asian Arts, which was co-founded by Gurpreet Sian and Raakhi Sinha in 2005 with an aim to balance the lives of children and adults and develop their individuality through the arts. Since then, they have been active in promoting South Asian dance, music, and culture via dance & music classes, professional performances & workshops, guest lectures, as well as children’s cultural summer camps. They have travelled across British Columbia and taught over 30,000 students in both Elementary and Secondary schools.

In 2010 & 2011, they offered the first University accredited Bhangra dance class in North America at Simon Fraser University. The course received an overwhelmingly positive response with nearly 50 students registered for each semester. Beginning in February 2012, they have also been offering accredited High School level courses in South Asian dance and music, another first!

The title of “producer” has also become part of their arsenal in presenting comedic plays, musicals, and dance dramas. Over the past seven years, they’ve partnered with some amazing organizations including New Works, the PuSh Festival, neworld theatre, Bollywood Shenanigans and the Cultural Olympiad just to name a few. In 2009, they wrote, created, and produced the premier showing of Bollywood Wedding.