Is MeToo Movement More About Subjective Feeling Than Objective Reality?

By Dr. Sawraj Singh

Many times we want things to happen the way we want them to happen. However, most of the time what really happens is more in line with the objective reality rather than our subjective feelings. We can see this happening in the case of the Me Too movement.

I want to give an example of how people can differentiate a genuine cause of women from a cause which they do not think is appropriate. Perhaps inspired by the Me Too movement, some students demanded that the girl’s hostels should remain open for 24 hours in a University in India. However, many other students opposed this demand. There were even violent confrontations. Some student leaders asked me to address the students. The meeting was open to all the students.

I said that I support women’s liberation but I do not subscribe to feminism. I feel that supporters of women’s liberation want women to have equal opportunities to develop their capabilities and potential to the maximum and should be able to avail all opportunities which are available to them. However, the main purpose of some feminists seems to incite women against men. I see this tendency in the Me Too movement also.

I said that I feel that the University should help the girl students to avail the library facilities just like the male students. The University should assure the female students safe and secure access to the library as long as it is open. However, I do not support the demand to keep their hostels open for 24 hours because I do not feel our social conditions are not ripe for such demand. A student who was a women’s activist asked me what if she feels like enjoying looking at the moon in the open at 2.30 AM. I replied that this is her subjective feeling but the objective reality does not support that.

I pointed out to the railway line which is close to the University and said that in China, trains are running at the speed of 500 kilometers an hour and they are experimenting to increase the speed to a thousand kilometers per hour whereas the maximum speed on this line is 100 kilometers per hour. What will happen if we try to run the trains at 500 kilometer speed? They are certain to crash. Therefore, usually, change does not happen according our subjective feelings alone but it has to take into consideration the objective reality also. Feminists generally want change according to their subjective feelings rather than what objective reality will allow.

The University conducted a survey to find out what the parents of these girls want. Would they like the hostels to remain open for 24 hours? More than 90% parents do not want the hostels to remain open for 24 hours. I feel that if somebody will conduct a poll of the general public in India to see if they support the Me Too movement then they may find out that more than 90% people do not support the movement. I feel that support of the movement is limited only to the feminists and the liberals.

I also feel that a vast majority of our people will agree that women should be treated fairly and with respect. They will also agree that society should be concerned about providing safe and secure environment to women where they can acquire and practice their skills. A genuine women’s liberation movement should take in to consideration the objective reality of our society rather than try to impose their subjective feelings on the society.

Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice. He can be reached at sawrajsingh@hotmail.com.


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